About Us

The website was established in 2011 by Cyril Nivelle, a French National now living in London with his young family, after years of passion for vintage watches. Trawling French, American and English estate sales and antique auction markets in search of rare and beautiful timepieces, it was clear how difficult and time-consuming the process was to source quality, original, authentic product.

It was evident there was the potential to ease such a burdensome approach to purchasing vintage watches and establish a website dedicated to sourcing quality product, offering a reliable and trustworthy service to those who do not have the time nor the desire to seek out their preferred timepieces.

After years in the business, Cyril now has a thorough knowledge of the marketplace, watches, authenticity and values and, as a result, is able to secure quality product on very reasonable terms.

In 2012 Cyril was joined by Guy Wallace, an investor by profession, to assist in consolidating and growing the business. Whilst a watch enthusiast, he leaves the sourcing and purchasing of the watches to Cyril, the expert in the field.

We are firm believers in the intrinsic value of quality timepieces, an alternative investment that may be worn and enjoyed and passed down through the generations. They offer an exciting alternative to the faceless, vanilla, and it has to be said, volatile, investments that are available elsewhere.

As a result of our wish to offer an investment as well as a beautiful timepiece, our focus is limited to those marques we consider to be the most worthy and, within those marques, particular models.

Although a young business, it is our intention to create something meaningful and long-term. In order to achieve that we must establish a track record and trust. We will never knowingly compromise our position.