Looking to Sell Your Vintage Watch?

We are continually on the lookout for quality vintage Omega, Rolex watches. If you have a watch you’d like to sell (that fits into our collection), please send us an email with a description of the timepiece (with as much information as possible) and attach photographs, ensuring they are as clear as possible. Include your asking price as well as we have many requests and cannot reply to everyone.

We spend considerable time repairing and re-conditioning all our watches before they are resold so if your watch isn’t 100% perfect, don’t worry. Likewise, please understand that the price we offer will be in line with eBay auction prices. This allows room for a reasonable margin for our work, repairs, cleaning, servicing, online marketing and administration.

Please note that we cannot provide estimates without descriptions and photographs and as a result, this service is online only and not available over the telephone.

Payment Terms
We pay fair prices for exceptional watches and after we’ve made an agreement to purchase your watch, we provide immediate payment by bank wire transfer, or cash.

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