Omega Seamaster De Ville

The Omega De Ville was introduced into the Seamaster range in 1963. It was considered by Omega to be the ultimate dress-watch, the personification of elegance, but retaining the country sport mantra so eagerly aspired to by certain echelons of society in the 1960s. Although subtle and understated, at its heart remained a very sturdy accurate sports movement in a unique one-piece case.

The very slim-line body, only around 12mm deep, was very cleverly constructed in a substantially single piece, with access to the movement only through opening up by the bezel to retain and maintain, as far as possible, its waterproof capabilities. Like all of the 50s and 60s Omega dress-watches, the Omega De Villes’ time-keeping is second to none. Today, some 50 to 60 years later, they are typically accurate to around +/- 30 seconds per 24 hour period. Mechanically they are extremely robust and if cared for, should continue to run as well for generations.

Demand for them is as strong now as it has ever been. Perhaps more so given the resurgence in interest in quality vintage product and, along with it, consistent price increases, which makes them wonderful long-term investments.