Omega Bumper Oversize 1949


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About this watch

This exceptionally elegant and stylish 1949 Omega Bumper is a really fine example of a luxury dress watch. Sporting gold bar hour and minute markers, gold dauphin hands, with a sole arabic numeral at 12 ‘o’ clock, it’s not only eye catching, but a highly collectible and rare piece.

With a 17-jewel calibre 332 automatic movement, it beats at 19,800 beats per hour (5.5 per second) and has Incabloc shock protection, and has a 36.5mm diameter.

Fully regulated, it holds good charge, and maintains excellent time.

We have fitted the watch with a handmade strap, which is in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the watch.

A little history: the ‘Bumper’ in the title refers to the type of automatic winding movement used by Omega in many of their models from 1930 to the 1950s, a movement where the weighted hammer to wind the mainspring on reaching the end of its traveling distance bumps into a spring and stops. The 330 calibre movement was the first self-winding mechanism to be offered by Omega, designed by Charles Perregaux, it has since been considered to be one of the most reliable and accurate movements that Omega produced.

Technical details


Mechanical: Automatic

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