Omega Speedmaster 1965

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About this watch

A truly unique find! This fine Omega Speedmaster 1965 model has had one previous owner and shows very little signs of regular wear, reference 105.012-65 calibre 321. This watch has the stepped and applied metal logo dial, caseback with Seahorse and Speedmaster. It has an original Omega bracelet (1171/1) and a don 90 bezel. This stunning Speedmaster runs very well, holds a good charge and keeps very good time. The movement has been fully serviced and regulated.

The history behind this particular model is of great interest to watch collectors, discussion forums and articles. There is a bit of mystery surrounding ‘pre-pro’ and ‘professional’ labeled dials from this period. A few Speedmaster models were actually manufactured at the same time – some with PROFESSIONAL inscribed under Speedmaster and some without (in addition to other design details). Experts, collectors and Omega employees are uncertain about the correct dial for this model hence instigating much discussion. What is certain is that from late 1965 all Speedmasters were labelled PROFESSIONAL. Why? Apparently NASA astronauts were supplied with Speedmasters unbeknownst to Omega until press photos months after a spacewalk in 1965 showed an astronaut wearing an Omega Speedmaster. In a new era of space exploration, Omega were quick to capitalise on this connection and immediately labelled all further Speedmasters from the autumn of 1965 as PROFESSIONAL. However, there are many earlier models that are found with PROFESSIONAL labeled dials. It’s of great debate why this is, if these are original dials or replacement dials from roughly the same period. If you are curious to learn more about this mystery, have a read of page 6 of this pdf link (page 230) to the December 2007 edition of International Watch magazine.