Rolex Tudor Oyster Shock Resisting

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About this watch

What’s in a name? Tudor watches have been manufactured by Rolex since 1946 and the only major differences between a Tudor and a Rolex, apart from the name, is in the movement that is fitted. Rather than a Rolex-made movement, Tudors are supplied with a Swiss eta movement, the exact calibre depending on the model of watch. These movements are of excellent quality and have been powering most of the medium to higher priced Swiss watches for decades. Tudor watches share the superb Oyster water-resistant case and most other genuine Rolex parts with their better-known brothers, so that they have the look and feel of a Rolex but without the high price tag.

The Tudor watch that we have to offer is in overall good, original condition. There are some marks on the dial, which are no more than you would expect to find on a piece of this age. With the exception of the strap the watch has genuine and original parts.

This fine example of this rare marque has the following features:

  • Stainless steel back and case
  • The case measures 32mm excluding the lugs and crown
  • New brown leather strap
  • Original dial
  • Hand winding
  • Shock resistant

Because Tudor watches were not mass-produced in large quantities, the early models are becoming quite rare and collectable. Some models can in fact command higher prices than the Rolex equivalent. As well as owning a watch of some distinction, if you buy a Tudor, it is likely that its value will increase as buyers begin to appreciate the qualities of this uncommon brand.

It is both elegant and traditional and a worthy piece for any collection.

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Tudor Oyster